About Me

Jennifer Raynor is a natural resource economist with expertise in fisheries and wildlife management.

Jennifer Raynor is an Assistant Professor of Natural Resource Economics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Before moving to academia, she had nearly a decade of experience conducting policy-relevant economic research for the U.S. federal government. Most recently, she was a Research Economist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Marine Fisheries Service, the agency responsible for stewardship of the nation’s ocean resources and habitats.

Jennifer’s research focuses on how to improve the efficiency and sustainability of natural resource management. She strives to inform on-the-ground decision-making and works closely with state and federal resource managers to design and evaluate conservation policies. She frequently collaborates with researchers in other fields, such as ecology, oceanography, and climatology. Her inter-disciplinary training makes her a particularly effective and valued member of these teams.

Jennifer has published in top general interest science journals, including Science and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Her research has also been featured in The Atlantic, The Associated Press, The Washington Post, The Economist, National Geographic, Scientific American, and Smithsonian Magazine, as well as major international news outlets. Two of her publications (Lynham et al. 2020 and Raynor et al. 2021) rank in the top 0.5% of all research outputs ever scored for online attention by Altmetric; the latter paper ranks in the top 100 for outputs of a similar age.

Jennifer earned a BA from LeMoyne College, MA from Johns Hopkins University, and MS and PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Jennifer is an avid outdoor enthusiast and spends most of her free time backpacking, fly fishing, sailing, and snowboarding.

Last updated: October 20, 2022